North Branch Restoration

Website projects can take make different paths. Some are straight lines, like walking down a city sidewalk. Other projects are like winding paths in a wooded forest. was, appropriately, one of those projects. They had been working with another web developer but progress was slow and frustrating. We were referred through one of our contacts to help them get the project finished. The lead person on the project had some web development experience and wanted to be hands-on. We’re happy to meet clients wherever they are so we set up some working sessions.

Over the course of a few months, we met several times, ended up hitting the reset button and picking a new template, built pages, and added content. We added functionality for a calendar, a site map, and gallery images. We also reorganized content with a page for each working site. It was great to see the site evolve as we met and exchanged ideas.

Now go check out North Branch Restoration to learn the great work this group is doing to preserve the north branch of the Chicago River. While you’re there, sign up to volunteer at one of their work days. And visit one of the woods nearby the river and take a long winding walk. You’ll be surprised by where you go and what you see along the way.