Urbane Home Portal

Urbane Home builds custom, luxury homes in Chicago. Alissa and Dee can handle any size or type of project. The thing all their work has in common is that the finished project is beautiful.

When we were introduced to Urbane Home, they already had a great website. There were a few security updates (everyone should have an SSL certificate) we implemented for them and some content changes they need help with.

But where we were could really help was to build a portal site for them. Urbane Home receives support requests from their clients for fixes. Urbane Home wanted to make that process more efficient and centralized. The site we built for them collects all the information Urbane Home needs to provide the best service. The site also provides warranty and support information to the homeowners.

As Urbane Home grows their business, we can grow this portal site to handle other functions and support. Check it out.