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We’ll backup, monitor, update, and secure your site (whether we built it or not). Get all your questions answered below:

What is Backup & Maintenance?

It’s a service WorkSite provides as annual agreement to backup, monitor, update, and secure your WordPress website.

What happens after WorkSite launches my website?

After WorkSite has built you a great website, we’ll launch it and train you on how to make changes to it like adding blog posts or replacing photos. At that point, the project is complete and you are empowered to manage your website on your own. However, we like to establish long-term relationships with our clients and encourage them to sign up for Backup & Maintenance. Most of our clients take advantage of this service.

What does Backup & Maintenance entail?

Our Backup & Maintenance service provides the following:

> Regular backup of your site to a cloud location

> Twice a year we will update versions of WordPress, themes, and plugins

> Weekly review of security based updates

> We will review your site including analytics information and produce a report

> We will monitor your site availability and track expirations for domains and SSL certificates

Can't I do this myself?

Sure, you might be able to. But WordPress is updated quite frequently. And sometimes WordPress, the plugins in your site and the theme conflict with one another and cause the “white screen of death” where you cannot access WordPress anymore. Visitors to your site won’t see anything until it’s repaired. Fixing things after that point can be quite expensive, especially if you don’t have backups in place.

What if I don't sign up for Backup & Maintenance and need help?

You can always contact us if you need help with your website. If you need to update your business hours or your whole site is down, we’re happy to help you. These requests can be handled if you are a Backup & Maintenance client or not.

Does this cover all changes to my site?

No. It covers Backup and it covers Maintenance (updating of WordPress & plugins). It doesn’t cover content or functional changes you want to make your website. We’re happy to make those updates for you. They would just be invoiced separately.

What if you didn't build my site, can I still sign-up for Backup & Maintenance?

Yes. Quite a few of our Backup & Maintenance clients came to us with existing sites. We’re happy to take over and be your “web guys”.

This all sounds great. What should I do next?

Contact us and we can answer your questions and provide an estimate.

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