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What You See is What You Get

What You See is What You Get is an old computer programming term. It refers to a web editor that resembles the final presentation. It’s pronounced “WIZ-ee-wig.”

WorkSite takes that concept one step further. WorkSite is Rob and Tom. We are the ones who will explain our services and the web development process during our first meeting. We are also the ones who will manage your project and build your site. And if you have a question or a concern, we’ll answer the phone, email, or text. Sure, we have some great contractors who help us out but we’ll always be fully involved with our clients. It’s the part of the business we enjoy the most.

WYSIWYG also explains our communication style. We believe in being completely honest, open, and transparent during the project. We want to learn about our clients, their goals, message, and issues. By being responsive, proactive, and thoughtful, we can empower you to focus on what you love to do.

Rob Austin

Rob Austin

Managing Partner

How I Got Here

I went to college at a time when computers were becoming more prevalent in every day life. It was a “right place, right time” kind of thing. As a result, I had a fairly extensive knowledge of and fascination with computers after I graduated from college. This led to all sorts of opportunities- database creation, non-linear editing and motion control camera work for a few film companies here in Chicago in the 90’s and 2000’s. Later, I tried computer hardware and software troubleshooting professionally and for family and friends. And more recently a new and different fascination with websites and their seemingly endless possibilities. With WordPress, I’m a kid all over again and I have the world’s biggest set of Legos at my fingertips. What can I build for you?

The Turning Point

I was on a sales trip many years ago with Bob Blackwell, the owner of the small consulting firm I worked for. For this project, we were going up against much larger, more established firms, including IBM. I lamented to Bob that it would be nice to have the resources and authority of that type of company. Bob replied that I would never be happy working at IBM because I always root for the underdog. Bob was right. I enjoy working with entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits. They don’t have unlimited resources. They have an unlimited supply of hard work, initiative, and persistence to reach their goals. It’s rewarding to provide guidance and technical advice to assist them in succeeding.

Tom Stuenkel

Tom Stuenkel

Managing Partner

Chicago and Beyond

Most of our clients come from Chicago neighborhoods but we have clients throughout the globe.

  • Lakeview
  • Deerfield
  • The Loop
  • Missouri
  • Connecticut

  • Gold Coast
  • California
  • Old Irving
  • Northbrook
  • Lincoln Park

  • Old Town
  • Northcenter
  • New Jersey
  • Evanston
  • Hyde Park

  • Florida
  • Germany
  • Portage Park
  • New York
  • Western Springs