Please support our clients during COVID-19

Please support our clients during COVID-19

Of course, all of us are being impacted by COVID-19 and social distancing in various ways. We wanted to highlight some of our clients and partners that are being effected the most or in unique ways.

Our restaurant clients have switched to delivery and curb-side pickup. Please consider them next time you order food or to purchase a gift certificate:

These groups help support and educate our children. They have had to adjust quickly to keep everyone safe and continuing to learn and grow. Consider supporting them financially during this time.

Mental health is always important. It’s even more important now as we all change our routines and have additional stress. We recommend reaching out to these great professionals. You can schedule a phone or video call.

A number of our clients we’re impacted by cancellations of in-person events or closures

And it’s always a good time to shine some light on groups and non-profits that do so much good work for our planet and the people on it.

WorkSite is doing just fine. We normally work from our homes but now we have more company. We’ve been busy and hope that continues. Our biggest hope is that everyone stays safe and healthy.

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