Shopping Girl Lookbook

We met Lora LaPratt at a networking event. She runs Shopping Girl XOXO and is a personal stylist. She started to tell us about how she wanted to improve her process of providing lookbooks to her clients. She was having digital photos converted into a booklet at the local drugstore. Then should would add color-coded borders and notes to each photo, creating a physical book to give her clients. We needed to update to a more modern approach.

We met with Lora to understand her current process, her requirements, and her goals for an electronic lookbook. We ended up building this site for her. Most of the pages are secured so that only she and each client can view. It was important that it was easy for Lora to categorize, tag, and organize her photos. We made sure the interface was easy to use and provided training.

The site needed to be clean and attractive for her clients to use. In the end, it’s easier for each person to see their outfits and Lora is spending less time at the drugstore and more time picking out stylish clothes for her clients.

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