Lawrence Hall

To say it was difficult to navigate the old is an understatement. Even Lawrence Hall staff members had trouble finding pages on their own site. It was also visually dated, not responsive for mobile devices, and required a third party for updates. So as part of a larger re-branding effort, Lawrence Hall looked for a partner to re-build

WorkSite and Lawrence Hall met at a networking event last fall. Lawrence Hall was looking for a local company that could serve as a true partner in addition to supplying website-building experience at a reasonable cost. To strengthen the partnership, WorkSite was at the Lawrence Hall office for the three weeks prior to launch.

The new is colorful, well-organized, and responds to mobile phones and tablets. There’s a strong presence of social media, easy-to-find call-to-action buttons for volunteers and donors, and updated images that represent the great work being done at Lawrence Hall.

WorkSite will soon be training Lawrence Hall on how to manage and update the site on their own. But that doesn’t mean the partnership is ending. WorkSite has already agreed to backup and maintain the site. And there are already discussions of phase 2 updates and upcoming events to keep the site fresh and relevant. has been helping children and serving the community since 1865. Although they have a rich history, their emphasis is on the present and future as they continue to expand their services for abused and neglected youth. WorkSite witnessed the great work happening at Lawrence Hall and is proud to be their partner for many years to come. Learn more at