3.0 Site launch overview 3.0 Site launch overview

Have you ever been your own customer? If so, you’ve probably realized how difficult but enlightening and rewarding it can be.

For the past 4+ months, we’ve been building on our website. We acted as both web developer and client, as consultant and customer, director and actor. It was not always smooth sailing. We didn’t always provide content when we had promised ourselves. We couldn’t always agree on a layout or approach. We were at times, rather particular about spacing, word choice, and appearance. And although we enjoyed visiting some of our clients one day for a photo shoot, we were our own worst critics when it came to the results.

But in the end, the web developers within us prevailed. The site looks great (in our humble opinion) and does a much better job describing our services, our process, and our portfolio.

We will definitely hire ourselves again for 4.0 but we’ll be happy to take a break from being the customer!

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