WorkSite turns 6 years old this March

WorkSite turns 6 years old this March

Happy Birthday to WorkSite! The past six years have been great! We’ve enjoyed working with our clients, vendors, contractors, and colleagues.

We’ve been to many networking events and met so many interesting people who have become important to our business and as friends.

We’ve built websites for small business ownersrestaurants/bars, lawyers, community organizations, entrepreneurs, and non-profits.

Our goal is to always be more than the nerdy developers who sit in a cubicle. We strive to be strategic partners and consultants for our clients, developing digital marketing strategies, implementing SEO improvements, and promoting businesses through digital billboards.

We’ve always liked to teach technology topics in a way that is understandable, beneficial, and rewarding. Whether it’s presenting at community events or teaching interested students, we find teaching & coaching gives as much back to us as we give.

In six years, we’ve seen design trends come and go. We’ve seen technology grow, evolve, and become more entwined in our daily lives. We’ve seen our kids grow up right before our eyes and become experts in technology themselves. Not sure exactly what the next years will be like, but we can’t wait to find out.