WorkSite celebrates 10 years!!

WorkSite celebrates 10 years!!

Nostalgia is a great thing, but it ain’t what it used to be!

WorkSite is excited to celebrate our 10th birthday this March! It’s a cliché but the time has flown by yet 2013 feels like a lifetime ago. It’s been wonderful meeting so many great people along the way. There’s no way words can capture all of our memories but here’s a list that touches on some of the past 10 years:

  • Launching >100 websites and supporting a few dozen others
  • Watching our kids grow from 3rd graders through high school and onto college
  • So many miles on a bike getting to and from clients
  • Starting out by installing ethernet cables, routers, printers, NAS devices,…and not missing some of that work
  • At least one dropped laptop. The others, we used so much we wore the letters right off the keyboard
  • Mailing thousands of holiday cards
  • Meeting so many people at networking events and always smiling when they said they liked our logo or business card
  • Rob converting everyone at the bus stop into a client
  • Learning you really like to teach and then learning you actually only like to teach in-person, not over video
  • Preaching to our clients the importance of consistently blogging and updating social media and not always doing it ourselves
  • Researching WordPress possible themes and having the eureka moment when you found a good one
  • Pads & pens, more pads & more pens
  • Realizing the joy of receiving and giving referrals

Read Rob’s reflections on how much has changed in 10 years. We look forward to growing that list in the upcoming years and thank you for being an important part.

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