Two new sites are better than one

Two new sites are better than one

WorkSite is always working on multiple websites at a time. The projects are usually at different stages of development. We are determining the theme for one client, in the middle of development for another, and testing a third. Last week, two projects intersected and were ready for launch on the same day.

We saw it as a fun challenge, grabbed our Fritos and Mountain Dew, and got to work. We started on The Globe Pub. Working diligently off of our checklist, we had the site live in time for a weekend of Halloween parties, Rugby finals, and football (both kinds).


Next up was Thompson Court Reporters. Every launch is unique and some different software versions between hosting companies provided a unique challenge. After some research and problem-solving, was live as well.


WorkSite took one more look to make sure we didn’t mix depositions with libations, and called it a night knowing we’ll be prepared if two projects ever reach the finish line in a tie again.

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