The Power of Television…still

The Power of Television...still

Do you doubt the power of television today? With splintered audiences across 1000 channels and technology that let’s us watch what we want, when we want, where we want, it makes you wonder if anyone else watching with you. Recently, WorkSite got to experience first-hand, the power of television.

Our favorite burger spot, Leadbelly, was featured on Check Please. Check Please is a show on Chicago public television where guests share and review their favorite restaurant. With laptop in hand, we settled in on a Friday night to watch the premier broadcast of the episode.

Leadbelly_Google_Analytics_Check_PleaseAs their segment aired live, we monitored the site’s availability and watched the Real-Time audience on Google Analytics. It was fun to watch the numbers go from single-digit active users to over 500 active users. You can see the impact in the graph. Interestingly, the numbers settled in at a level almost twice what it was before the show aired. There should be a long-term impact as the show re-airs and people find it on-line.

In the end, the site behaved flawlessly, Leadbelly got all great reviews and plenty of traffic, resulting in increased business. And it reminded WorkSite of the power of television. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Check out the page or watch the video below: