Can we finally end Corporate April Fools’ Day jokes?

Can we finally end Corporate April Fools' Day jokes?

Another year, another round of April Fools’ Day “jokes” by tech companies and major corporations.

Here’s a list if you are interested.

They may have been fun a few years ago but these pranks have certainly worn out their welcome. Here are some reasons we need to end them once and for all:

  1. We’re no longer in 4th grade. Grow up and act like an grown-up company. Sure there’s always room for levity but this seems to be a low bar.
  2. With all of the news stories around tech companies’ inability to filter out fake news, prevent troll campaigns and online bullying, or protect our private data, maybe sit this one out and take the day to figure out how to get better.
  3. It’s just not that funny. When was the last time people actually fell for one of these? There are too many sources to disprove them. How much longer has it been since you thought one of these pranks was so clever, you told someone else about it?

Why don’t we change April 1st into another holiday? Maybe conspiracy theory debunking day? Truth in advertising day? Let’s be nice to everybody on social media day?

Of course, I don’t see any of this happening. If I did, I’d only be fooling myself.