The Cobbler’s Children do have Shoes…for now

The Cobbler's Children do have Shoes...for now

There’s an old expression…”The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes”. It refers to the fact that companies are often so busy with their work that they can’t do the thing they are best at for themselves. Some modern examples:

  • Do Accountants take all the deductions they recommend for their clients?
  • Professional chefs may come home and have cereal for dinner some nights
  • Dentists may not regularly have their teeth professionally cleaned – they can’t do their own

WorkSite is not immune to this syndrome. We had the best intentions to redesign our website back in January but fortunately we had such a busy year, we were never able to find the time. Finally, a window opened up and we built the site you are currently reading.

We love our new site. It does a great job of presenting our web portfolio. It’s modern, responsive, and clean. We’d love to hear what you think.

And as much as we love this site, we know that it won’t last forever. The cobbler’s kids outgrow their shoes and he must make new ones. Websites get stale and must be replaced. Does your site need a fresh look? We can help…we have the time now!